GBP (Green Bandit Productions) started in Rutland, Vermont in 2005. We were just GB, The Green Bandits, and didn't film or make edits at the time. It was just our little gang back then skating, snowboarding, skiing, cliff jumping, and all that other dope stuff Vermont has to offer. Kid got a camera and started filming and making edits with the help of the older guys that were doing the same thing. Thinking back on our first teaser edit,  it was going around on a VHS, playing in all the homie's houses. Niko Cioffi and Lucas Magoon left Vermont and headed to The West Coast before high school was over. They told us it was proper, so the next year we all packed up and moved to North Lake Tahoe. The snowfall out in California was unreal after being on the East Coast our whole lives.  We also made a lot of friends in California, Colorado, and Utah along the way.  We've been filming our lives, connecting with new people, and traveling the world.  Meanwhile having our main base in Lake Tahoe, California. To this day we are still traveling and filming.  We have expanded our company with snowboards and clothing, and purchased Sababa Land where we are creating a self-sustaining living environment. [Sababa page coming soon]

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